Econfirmpro Cam Site Plugin For WordPress

Download the correct PHP version for your server

Now includes these sponsors :  











CamsPower Xcams


and adding more

Promoting web cams can increase your profits and Econfirmpro Cam Site Plugin for
Wordpress makes building a full live cam site easy.

Just install Wordpress, then install Econfirmpro Cam Site Plugin and save settings then
click start and your cam site is ready to go.

How do you make money?

The cam sponsors listed above are used by Econfirmpro Cam Site Plugin so you must sign up to
at least one of those sites to earn credit for sales generated by your website running the plugin.

Now you can build the cam site you like.

Wordpress has 1000's of free themes (website layouts) that can run this plugin
and produce unique, high quality, cam sites.

Works with all Wordpress themes

Example sites :


1.  PHP 5.3 or  5.6 or 7.2 (contact support for other versions)

2. mySQL

3. PHP PCNTL Extension installed (Optional but preferred)

4. Ioncude Loader installed (already installed on modern hosting)

Instructions :

Go to your WP admin, click "plugins - Add New" and then Upload the file.

Click install but do not activate.

Go to Full License or Free 7 Day Trial and download your license.

Go to plugins/editor and then select Econfirmpro_camsite

Click License.txt and remove the present text and replace it with your license.

Go to plugins and activate Econfirmpro_camsite

Go to dashboard, hover over settings, click "Econfirmpro Cam site".

Enter a user number for Chat Post Author (1 is the site webmaster, create a new user and use 2 if you like)

Check at least one box to include sex to be shown.

Select up to five sponsors (you can use more on decent hosting) and change your affiliate code on the default links.

Click "Save Changes"

Now that the changes are saved, you can now click "start drone"
Now hover over appearance and select themes to upload / activate the theme of your choice.

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